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                    My Juice News and The XANGO Fruit Juice Story

 My Juice News presents XANGO a product of the MANGOSTEEN fruit tree. The Mangosteen fruit from which the nutritional XANGO Juice  beverage drink is produced provides us a captivating news story. The news is exciting, and the most important information about the patented XANGO juice is that it contains the whole Mangosteen fruit. This makes it the first product ever to be brought to market using both the rind and pulp of the Mangosteen fruit. This is good news, as our information sources have confirmed that the XANGO juice is a fully unique product to the nutrition industry.

Having originated in Southeast Asia, the whole mangosteen fruit has long been revered for its taste, but its nutritional properties make it doubly amazing. Historically, the whole fruit has been used by either a) grinding the rind down and applying it directly to the skin or b) steeping it in water overnight and drinking the resulting mangosteen tea. In the book Fruits of Warm Climates, Dr. Morton calls particular attention to the importance of mangosteen rind in traditional preparations. She recorded that the mangosteen rind was sliced, dried, powdered and then administered.

           XANGO Corporation, has for the first time in history brought to market the benefits of the whole Mangosteen fruit.

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The why is answered in one word, "Xanthones" (pronounced - zan-thones).

Among the powerful phytonutrients found in the rind of the mangosteen, xanthones stand alone in their impressive benefits. Scientific studies suggest xanthones may promote well- being. Researchers have identified dozens of biologically active xanthones in the mangosteen fruit. Today, researchers are just beginning to uncover the powerful scientific properties behind the mangosteen fruit

  An Example of a Xanthone


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The XANGO fruit juice story, and its introduction to the world market, is that of unequalled success. In not only the nutrition industry, but by the standards of any new venture in any industry.  XANGO, is truly an unprecedented and remarkable series of accomplishments.

For those of you that are looking for a home based Network marketing endeavor, with a product that is destined to become a house hold name,  XANGO  is without exception the most vibrant and economically rewarding business opportunity to show itself in recent times.

Are your dreams like ours? Do you want to be free of financial concerns and do you yearn to sit on the beaches of beautiful countries enjoying spectacular sunsets? Do you want to be there with your loved ones and best friends, and do you truly desire to know the best that life has to give? If as much as you receive good things you enjoy giving them back, then the XANGO Business Opportunity has been made for you.

Be Free International Enterprises, initiated by Graham and Kim Smith-Barr, is dedicated to helping others achieve their life ambitions. We hope to have you join with us, and add your success story to one that has caught the attention of the whole world. Whatever you have missed in life in the past, as an opportunity to realize your dreams....DO NOT MISS THIS ONE !


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   Why Join XANGO through Be Free International  Enterprises?

When you commit to any business endeavor you want to know that the support you are going to need is there for you. We are fully committed to our business partners and that is the reason this tool has been developed. We are only an email or a telephone call away and ready to assist you in anyway we can. With nearly 30 years of direct sales and marketing experience behind us we are best able to advise you as to how to build your business properly and prosperously. 


 Why Join a Multi-Level Marketing Business Like XANGO

Consider These Facts

Network Marketing combined with Multi-Level Marketing are the number one methods by which the average person is achieving millionaire status. Unfortunately, they are also the most misunderstood marketing systems in the world today. Often confused with illegal Pyramid schemes, MLM based businesses frequently get pre-judged and ruled out. Usually, before any time is actually invested by the person being recruited to know and understand a given company's dynamics. In most cases it becomes convenient to use the word Pyramid, in order to avoid truly exploring an opportunity to its fullest potential. Some will use the word Pyramid to avoid  the time commitment required to realize the desired changes to ones lifestyle, through improved income. To prevent you from making a decision based on a lack of knowledge, we have determined to help provide you with as much information as we can.


What is MLM ?

Multi-Level Marketing is a legal method of direct distribution by which a company will make its product available to the market place. Individual or joint participation results in financial compensation to the distributors responsible for initiating the movement of the product and the growth of the company. Financial reward is therefore based on the total volume generated, through the progressive tiered linking of other distributors, thereby creating multiple levels of volume accumulation. The successive tiers, through natural progression develop into a multi-level marketing system. Each distributors involvement starts at exactly the same point of beginning, both in placement and financial outlay, and each distributor is compensated on an equal basis solely dependent upon that distributor's performance. No one starts at the top and anyone can develop greater income than the person or persons before them based entirely on their desire for success and individual work effort.


What is Network Marketing ?

Each and everyone of us has a circle of influence in which we operate and carry on our daily lives. From the person behind the counter at the gas station that we frequent,  the restaurants that we eat at, or the people we work with, all of these individuals make up our contact base. Networking is using this sphere of influence to provide information to others and to acquire information in return through them. The end result can very often be that this exchange of information can greatly influence a person's decision as to what products they will use. Based on this information it can also determine what businesses they will choose to provide those products to them. It is natural for us to rely on this information, as it is based on the personal experience of the people we have come to trust, on a day to day basis. In its simplistic form that is what Network Marketing is all about.

The network of friends, family and associates that we all have would realistically make up those that we would anticipate to be our best customers, should we decide to set up a business of our own. We would further anticipate that they, being our satisfied and loyal customers, would bring us additional business as a result of their personal recommendation to their circle of influence. It is by this method that networking is created and maintained. 


 Our Best Advice

Not all MLM styled companies are created equal. There are considerations that you need to address before committing to your personal involvement at a business level.

Before you yourself become involved, make personal contact with the people who are having the greatest level of success in the MLM endeavor you are considering, . This can be accomplished easily through the person or persons that have first introduced you to the company and or its products. Don't be afraid to ask questions and seek out the people who are most able to answer those questions to your satisfaction.

Seek to be involved with the people who are willing to offer you the level of support and knowledge that will most benefit you and help you to achieve your goals.

Whether you intend to be active as just a regular customer or a business developer the decision is yours to make, freely.

We sincerely hope you will choose to become a part of the Be Free team. Thousands of individuals just like yourself have already done so and are reaping the benefits of added health and wealth.


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